5 Reasons To Gather 'Round For Pizza

5 Reasons To Gather 'Round For Pizza




Pizza is one of those foods that’s equally delicious no matter when, where or how you make it.  Having a party?  Make Pizza!  An intimate date night?  Make Pizza!  Whether you keep the toppings simple or showcase your culinary skills, there are a variety of ways to make your pizza shine.  Here at Crustology we believe that pizza can bring people together. 

  1. Having a fun sleepover at the grandparent’s house is something all kids look forward to but it can be difficult finding activities to keep them occupied. Planning homemade pizza for dinner is a great activity to keep them occupied and full bellies will help them sleep all night.
  2. After a busy week, many families default to pizza and a movie on Friday nights. Save the expensive delivery charges and make your own pizza instead.  Let your kids pick the toppings and make the pizza.  Then snuggle up on the couch for some relaxation that will not be interrupted by the doorbell.
  3. Plan a fun date night at home with a pizza making contest. You can choose to play 2 different ways, pick the ingredients for yourself, or throw your partner for a loop and choose their ingredients.  Pour some wine, have fun making the pizzas and see who wins.
  4. We love having a friend’s game night but always struggle coming up with foods to satisfy everyone’s unique eating styles. Build your own pizza solves that problem when everyone can choose their own toppings and type of crust.  Choose from original or flavored Crustology crusts or even our crowd-pleasing Gluten Free crust.  Now the only thing agree on is what game to play!
  5. Looking for a new way to impress your grill master friends? Try cooking pizza on the grill!  Use our easy-to-follow instructions for no-fail grilled pizza.