No More Casseroles, Aunt Jane! We Want Holiday Pizza

No More Casseroles, Aunt Jane! We Want Holiday Pizza




When your family and friends get together to celebrate the holidays, are you tired of seeing the same dishes on the table year after year? We sure are. It’s time to put your foot down and say “No more casseroles, Aunt Jane!” Take that hotdish off the table to make room for a delicious Crustology® pizza. Whether you prefer savory or sweet, we’ve got a holiday pizza recipe that will work perfectly at your family gathering this holiday season.

Red, White, and Green Pizza

Red, white, and green pizza recipe by Crustology®

Keep it festive with this Red, White, and Green Pizza from The Brewer and The Baker. Atop the Crustology® crust of your choosing, this easy recipe is fixed with Roma tomatoes, red bell peppers, goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil. For an extra pop of green, feel free to add some spinach, arugula, and green bell peppers.

Sicilian Christmas Pizza (Sfincione)

Sicilian Christmas Pizza (Sfincione) recipe by Crustology®

We know this Italian classic is typically made with a thick crust, but we like bending the rules. For our version of a Sicilian Christmas Pizza, ignore All Recipes’ crust directions, and grab a Crustology® crust. Whip up the onion and anchovy sauce, top with plenty of mozzarella and aged provolone, and sprinkle the crunchy, homemade crumb topping generously over the cheese. Buon appetito!

Christmas Tree Pizza

Christmas Tree Pizza by Crustology®

You may not be able to mold our thin crust into a tree shape, but we can get your pizza to match the color and have great texture. This Green Pizza recipe from Hello Little Home boasts a homemade pesto sauce as the base, topped with artichokes, broccoli, and feta and mozzarella cheeses. Next to some Christmas cookies in the shape of wrapped presents, this pie sets the scene for a perfect holiday meal.

Ornament Dessert Pizza

Ornament Dessert Pizza recipe by Crustology®

Putting a spin on the classic fruit pizza, grab one of our crusts and pretend it’s a giant ornament for your Christmas tree. (Make sure you pre-cook the Crustology® crust and let it cool before adding the ingredients!) Top with a tangy, cream cheese spread, as seen in this Sally’s Baking Addiction recipe. To decorate, choose the most colorful fruit options you can find, as well as fruits in different shapes, to make this ornament-style dessert pizza shine.

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