Meal Prep Hacks For Back To School

Meal Prep Hacks For Back To School




If your family is anything like mine you spend most of the day thinking about your next meal, planning your next meal, cooking, or eating.  And this is all magnified when you have kids running around the house, needing help with homework, or otherwise driving you crazy!  I’ve got a few “hacks” for ensuring that our mealtimes run smoothly, and it mostly starts with the planning.

  1. Every Sunday sit down and write out your meal plan. I usually plan 5-6 dinners and assume we will eat out or have leftovers on the other nights. Assign meals to specific nights and then build your grocery list.
  2. Utilize online grocery ordering and curbside pickup. This is probably the step that has made the most difference for us.  Not only do I avoid impulse purchases, but I can easily shop sales and take advantage of the online coupons.  I usually set my pickup time for Mondays so that my groceries for the week are fresh.
  3. Prep the ingredients by meal. In one night, I will chop all the fresh vegetables for each meal and put them in labeled Tupperware containers. I’ll do the same for the meat and either store them in the fridge or freezer depending on when we will be eating them.  If there is rice or grains in the meals I will also make and measure that in advance.  Cooked grains keep well in the freezer so I will make double batches and freeze the leftovers.
  4. Be sure that you make enough portions of each meal so that you can have leftovers for lunch the next day. Each meal I make is generally enough to cover us for 2 meals.  This is not only convenient but also saves money by not having to go out for lunch each day. 
  5. Always keep easy meal ingredients on hand. For those nights where I am just too tired to cook, I always keep a stash of Crustology pizza crusts in the freezer.  Its so easy to pull them out and set the kids up with ingredients.  Within 20 minutes we have a healthy and delicious meal that everyone loves.

What does your family do to make your week run smoother?  Tag us @Crustologypizza with your hacks!